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About My Music

I am an avid musician. I enjoy and participate in all aspects of the musical world, including playing and practicing multiple instruments, singing, songwriting, recording music, mixing and mastering songs, listening to music, and performing live for others’ listening enjoyment.

I enjoy exploring musical genres such as jazz, rock, blues, funk, shred, prog, pop, and various combinations of said genres. I certainly listen to music from each of those genres everyday, and as a result, the music that I write and play tends to end up in one way or another as a mashed up melting pot of them.

I tend to get bored with overly simple progressions, chords, rhythms, and sounds as we all too often hear on the radio, so I like to spice things up. Sometimes that can mean my music can get pretty out there. I also enjoy making good sounding music in a manner than no one else has done before, but that's not to say that you won't hear influences from blues cats, jazz composers, classic rock bands, and others.

Song Demos

Here is a section of the website where you can find demos of some of the songs I have written, recorded, and engineered. As these are demos, they can tend to be made rather hastily, there may be a few errors, and stuff might not sound quite like I would want it.

But that's not the point. These are just quickly manufactured ideas I wanted to get out of my head mainly just to share their musical content. If some of these are good, however, I am totally willing to go back, change a few things, re-record, and mix and master them until near perfection later. I hope you enjoy!